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AzerJorab Tours

We started Free AzerJorab Tours starting from 2022. This is the way to meet AzerJorab lovely women while they work.

The tours happen in the AzerJorab House where you will see real knitting tradition with beautiful Azerbaijani house decoration.

We have started Tours, which you can visit our community and our women will get to know you. The meetings happen in AzerJorab house, where the women work and socialise. Also this is the place where you are gonna get to know how the Azerbaijani old knitting tradition passing from grandmothers to young women. They can even teach you how to knit 🥰

There will be meal and tea table for you. Everything is free.

We do our best to make change in women’s life in rural areas. If you are interested, you can be part of this. For more information, contact us please.