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Women Community

AzerJorab is a community empowering women in rural areas of Azerbaijan. They knit these beautiful traditional Azerbaijani products and having income for their family. Our goal is to provide Gender Equality in rural areas which has been hard for years.

The women work together with the team, it helps them to socialize and be creative. We do believe that changes in rural areas will happen by women.


Azerbaijani socks have been part of knitting history by our grandmothers. Nowadays it passes from grandmothers to young generation. You can support to continue this tradition by purchasing beautiful handmade products.


These socks are thick that can be called Slipper Socks. The yarn used are from Turkey. The products are knitted with the patterns of Azerbaijani Carpets which it makes them special.

“I found it very difficult to realize my goals in life, due to the absence of equal opportunities in Azerbaijan. I understand this is just the result of the conservative social values that shape the views about women and popularly accepted traditional roles of women.”

Kifayat Talibzada